How To Choose A Trial Lawyer

Who's Right For You

When comparing Houston civil trial lawyers' qualifications, two factors for you to consider are the number of years in practice, and if the attorney has attained board certification in civil trial law,
an accomplishment fewer than one percent of Texas lawyers have achieved.

But in civil trial law, a critical indicator of a trial lawyer's competence is their depth of experience as the lead attorney actually trying and winning cases in court. A surprising number of'litigators" in established law firms have only filed suit and worked a case or just observed trials from second or third chair, and have no experience facing a jury or judge.

That real-world trial experience has a significant impact on a lawyer's ability to serve their clients effectively. As the lead attorney for countless jury and bench trials over four decades, Gary has developed a strategic approach for each case. In civil trial law, an attorney's communication style and skill is another important factor in the handling of a case. Things can shift quickly in and out of court, and a talented trial attorney must have the instincts to know when to object, how to respond to the other sides obj ections & how to deal with unexpected testimony, just a few examples of the twists and turns of any trial. Gary is a personable, based on his longstanding television career as a host/intemewer he has the kind of communication skills that make him a persuasive trial attorney whether negotiating with opposing counsel, deposing a witness, reading a jury's reaction, or knowing how to argue points to a judge.

Although many civil lawsuits are settled before trial, a great trial lawyer prepares every case as though it is headed to court. In the early stages of litigation with discovery and investigation, Gaiy has been able to develop the critical evidence that wins a case before one enters the courtroom. His litigation investigative teams is a former FBI investigators and is a critical part of the team.